Sunday, March 12, 2017

Sunday AM Update (FULL)

Here are the current projections based on games played through 3/11.  Final Projection will be posted by 5:00 CST.

Analysis heading into final Conference Tournament Championship games today:

  • #1 Seeds are set and will not change (Villanova, Kansas, Gonzaga, North Carolina) regardless of the outcome of any games today.
  • The top 16 Seeds are set, and will not change, regardless of outcome of games today.  Winner of American Championship MAY be only exception with the winner sliding onto the 4 line ... hard to figure who gets bumped though if they do.
  • No bid thieves remain, with the possible exception of Rhode Island, depending on if you have them as a team that is in or out.  I have them as in as an At-Large team,  I do not believe they will fall out of the field with a loss.  I win locks them in and may bump K-State, Syracuse or Illinois State if they are not already in as an At-Large on the committee board.
  • I think 4 Teams are being considered for last 2 spots by the committee.  I believe them to be Syracuse, Rhode Island, Kansas State and Illinois State.  If Committee wants to throw some bones to the mid-majors to make up for last year, Rhode Island (If they lose to VCU today) and Illinois State will be in the field and Syracuse and K-State will be out.  My sense is they will split the difference, put URI and Syracuse in, and K-State and Illinois State will be first teams out.

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